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A private, family-friendly Krakow walking tour is the perfect way to see the city! You’ll get to explore all the best sights and attractions with a knowledgeable guide, and learn interesting facts and history along the way. The tour is flexible and can be customized to your family’s interests, so everyone will enjoy it. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about Krakow and get some insider tips from a local.

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Visiting the Old Town is a must for all tourists coming to this royal city. Here you will see the gems of architecture, retrace the steps of world-renowned people and feel the extraordinary atmosphere when strolling through Krakow’s historic streets. If you want to learn more about the history of this remarkable city, I invite you on a Krakow walking tour.

Kraków (Polish pronunciation: [ˈkrakuf] listen ) is the second largest and one of the historical capitals of Poland. It is situated on the Vistula River (Polish: Wisła), in the Lesser Poland region (Małopolska) in the southern part of the country. Kraków also has traditionally been an important center of Jewish culture.



The route follows the selection of the city’s most notable attractions and places associated with famous historical events and prominent people. The guided tour of Krakow begins at the St. Adalbert’s Church, considered one of Krakow’s oldest (10th century) religious buildings. After a brief introduction, we head towards St. Mary’s Church, where you can listen to the St. Mary’s Bugle Call, coming from its highest tower. St. Mary’s Trumpet Call is played on the hour, every hour, and also at night, always in the four cardinal directions. Then we proceed toward the medieval city walls and the Florian Gate. You not only learn all about their historical significance but also feel the unusual atmosphere among the artists that show their works under the city ramparts. There you will find paintings of Krakow made using various techniques which look great in this historical environment.

Main Square

Following the guide, we go from the Florian Gate back to Market Square, one of the largest in Europe. Many tourists, when reaching it, are delighted to see the space opening up before them. During the visit to Market Square, you get to see Sukiennice and the Town Hall Tower.


This, however, is not the last stop of the guided tour of Krakow, although it surely is a place to come back to – so make sure you do, especially in the evening, and sit in one of the numerous restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating set up on the Market Square. From the Square we follow the guide towards St. Anne’s Street, then we reach Collegium Maius, which is the cradle of the Jagiellonian University, and later we approach the Bishop’s Palace to see the so-called Papal Window, from which John Paul II led meetings with the youth during his pilgrimages to Poland.

The guided tour also includes visits to the churches that are important for the history of the city. Among them is the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, located opposite the Papal Window, the Church of Peter and Paul as well as St. Andrew’s Church, which we admire while walking along Grodzka Street towards Wawel Hill.


On the Wawel Hill, which for many years was the seat of Polish and Lithuanian kings, the guide first tells its story and then you have a chance to enter the courtyard of the Wawel Castle. There, for a short moment, you go back in time, absorbing the atmosphere of the place that witnessed a number of crucial events in Polish history.

The culmination of the Krakow walking tour is a fire-breathing Wawel Dragon, an unusual attraction much loved by children. The photo with the Dragon Monument will be a great souvenir from the tour of Krakow, especially for the youngest tourists.


During a sightseeing tour of Krakow, the guide not only tells you all about the history of the visited places and monuments but also links them to the great Poles, whose traces can be found in Krakow almost everywhere. Among them are not only those of Pope John Paul II, the most famous Pole in the world but also of Polish kings buried at the Wawel Castle. In Krakow, you will also visit places connected with Nicolaus Copernicus, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and other famous people, so numerous it is difficult to name them all.

Wawel i Wisła

Walking the same streets those great personalities walked will create magical and memorable moments as you look at Krakow through their eyes, imagining what it was like half a century ago and even before. During the Krakow walking tour, the guide not only shares his knowledge, various titbits, and anecdotes concerning the history and architecture of Krakow but will also be happy to recommend good restaurants and places where locals like to spend time. That will make the Krakow experience even deeper.


The price of a guided walking tour in Krakow for individuals and groups up to 6 people is 400 zloties.

The above-described tour of Krakow takes approximately 2 hours. If the group wishes to continue sightseeing, the tour can be extended. The price of each additional hour is 200 zloties.

At the request of the group, the route of the Krakow tour can be changed and adapted to their needs. For example, it can be modified to include an additional tour of the Jewish Quarter or a thorough tour of the Wawel Cathedral.