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Are you coming to Krakow for the first time? Would you like to visit some of the “legendary” places frequented by the residents of Krakow? If so, I invite you to check a few of them.

1. Zapiekanki on Plac Nowy

A cult place. You can eat there ,,zapiekanka”, which is Polish fast food created back in the communist era. A few words about the place itself. Plac Nowy is located in Kazimierz – former Jewish district of Krakow. It was created in the late 19th century. In its center is a red brick building called ,,Okrąglak”. It is the place where Jewish people of Krakow used to sell kosher meat. During World War II, the place ceased to serve its previous role. However, after the fall of communism in Poland in 1989, Plac Nowy became a cult place where the inhabitants of Krakow come to eat a zapiekanka with their friends.

When you come to Plac Nowy, remember that the place is full of life not only during the day but also in the late evenings. It is here that at later hours you can meet many young people who come here to eat a zapiekanka or sit in one of the pubs.

I will also tell you a little secret. The most famous place where you can eat a zapiekanka is the popular “Endzior”.

2. Sausages on Market Square

A legendary place where you can eat grilled sausages in the middle of the night. Imagine an old communist ,,Nysa” car that pulls up to the parking lot at Hala Targowa square every day and serves barbecued sausages there from 7pm to 3am. Not bad, huh? This place attracts the people of Krakow with its atmosphere and the unique opportunity to eat grilled sausage with a slice of bread at two in the morning! If you’re looking for a night-time experience, this place might especially appeal to you.

The square at Hala Targowa is located only 15 minutes walking distance from the Old Town

3. Milk Bar

Milk bars were well known in Poland, especially during the communist era. However, not many of them have survived to our times. In Krakow you still have the unique opportunity to visit several of them. In the old days milk bars were known for their low prices and fast service. Their name derives from the dishes served in them based mainly on milk.

In Krakow’s Old Town there is one of them. You can find it on Grodzka Street, somewhere halfway between Wawel Castle and the Market Square. The menu hangs on the wall in the middle of the place and is available in both Polish and English. Enjoy your meal!